Easy Tips For Beautiful Hair Salon As of

17 Jun


Admittedly, it does look more beautiful hair after treatment in the salon. That’s because the salon workers have a few tricks to make your hair so beautiful in no time. Let follow their tricks.

  • Choose a shampoo with a little foam

Many of the foam does not mean more clean. Shampoo that produces lots of foam usually contains a lot of moisturizing formula that can be left behind and settle in the hair and scalp. As a result, faster hair so dirty and oily feel.

  • Alternating hair dryer

In order for your hair look thicker and volume, do this trick when drying your hair with a hair dryer. Use a large round brush to blow one part of hair from root to tip, with a hair dryer heat. When the comb had reached the lower end of the hair, hold it in position like that, and move the hair dryer to the setting “cool”, or turn off the hairdryer and let stand for 5 seconds.

  • Do not wrap in a towel

Wrap your hair with a towel after a bath it will make it dry quickly. But a rough surface with a towel to rub the hair cuticle, and consequently the hair sticking around. The most correct way is to gently squeeze the hair to remove the wash water, then let the wind for 10 minutes before being dried with a hair dryer.

  • Finish with cold water

While you’re shampooing with warm water, try rinsing your hair with cold water before you get out of the bathroom. Cold water will close cuticles and makes your hair look more shiny.

  •  Life of the product 10 minutes before my hair

If you usually wear products (gels, styling creams, etc.) prior to perming, straightening, or blow your hair, use the product 10 minutes before your hair styled, to give the product time to seep into the hair and better functioning.


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