Affected if It Can Diphtheria Immunization DPT?

25 Oct

Did you know Diphtheria disease? His name does not sefamiliar disease often stop in the ear such as dengue, thyfus, flu, or other illnesses. Though this disease often affects both adults, children and infants around us. Diphtheria is an infectious disease caused by Corynebacterium diphtheriae that causes fever, swollen glands with no body-powered. This bacterium infects mucous membranes, especially of the throat. In advanced conditions, diphtheria can lead to heart disease, kidney failure and neurological diseases. The disease is very scary, but not to worry because it has found diphtheria immunization and is getting a lot of encouragement to do immunizations early. It is a DPT immunization. DPT is actually not only can dispel disease DPT, immunization could prevent two other dangerous diseases that tetanus and pertussis. The question is whether, if already immunized against DPT then it is definitely free of the disease diphtheria?

DPT vaccine is given from infant age children. The vaccine prevents three functions simultaneously, namely infectious diseases diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough) and tetanus it has to be done early. That is for the first time in infants 2 months of age, be continued when the baby was 4, 6 and 18 months. 5 DPT is given when the child was 5 years old. Vaccines are given to prevent infectious diseases mentioned above by increasing the child’s immune response to the bacteria cause. The vaccine is a component of disease-causing germs in this case is the bacteria that cause diphtheria as one of them, so that the child’s immune system in order to issue a response. Parents are often worried and asked, can hit when already DPT diphtheria? All the protection intended to prevent. Prevention is not always 100% effective. However, if the child is exposed to diphtheria after being given immunization, the incidence is below 1%, but the possibility is still possible, although the disease is relatively mild incurred and no longer dangerous.

Parents are sometimes afraid to bring their children for immunization. Moreover, this post DPT immunization of children in general have a fever so parents think their children ill after being given the vaccine. Though fever is a component of the immune response to disease-causing organisms that have been weakened and will not cause new diseases. In the event of illness in children who are immunized, children are exposed to the possibility of another variant of the bacteria that cause diphtheria. But again, keep immunizations provide maximum protection so that the pain caused by bacteria other variants will not seriously impact. Enhance immune children, one of them with breastfeeding and nutritious food helps children fit. So the question can hit DPT diphtheria when it has been answered.


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