Differences Vaccine Vaccine Life and Death

25 Oct

Immunizations are very important for the baby. Differences Vaccine Vaccine Live And Die in immunization give different effects on the baby’s immune. Immunization is one way to increase vaccine immunity by entering into the body by injection. The purpose of immunization is to prevent the occurrence of a particular disease in a person. Babies have an immature immune system, so it can be easily attacked by diseases. Baby’s immune system does not recognize a lot of diseases so that if the virus enters the body, the body can not attack and protect the body. This is the function of immunization in infants. Immunizations are very important, but if the baby is a high fever, immunization should not be done, because this is very dangerous for the baby. Immunizations were done when the body is fever, it can cause brain defects. This is not brain defect brain works well, so it was not optimal infant development. If you do not want disturbed immunization because the child is fever, it helps if you are thinking to give simultaneous immunization for your baby.

What Is a Vaccine Live?

The vaccine is a live vaccine made from inactivated bacteria or virus virulence resources and culture by repeated treatment. This vaccine can still cause immunological reactions that are similar to natural infection. Some properties of live vaccines are:

  1. Vaccine can multiply until the immune response appears therefore be given in small doses in the form of antigen.
  2. An immune response that usually appear similar to a natural reaction, so it does not require multiple doses.
  3. Can turn into a pathogenic form
  4. Influenced by circulating antibodies that would arise if the neutralizing effect of administration time was not right.

Differences Vaccine Vaccine Life and Death is a live vaccine would lead to a better response than the vaccine died. Live vaccine obtained by attenuation. The goal is to produce organisms that can only cause a very mild disease.

What Is a Vaccine Death?

Dead vaccine is a vaccine made from bacteria or viruses that shut down a chemical called formaldehyde or by heating. This can be a vaccine against all parts of bacteria or viruses, or parts of bacteria or viruses or toksoidnya only. Some properties of the vaccine is dead:

  1. Immune response appears more frequently in the form of hormonal and little or not at all cause cellular immunity
  2. Vaccines can not mutate into pathogenic bacteria
  3. It will not cause a disease similar to a natural reaction

For immunization, vaccine live better. Dose of the vaccine should not be given too much or too little. Vaccines that are too high will inhibit the expected response. While the doses that are too low will not stimulate immunocompetent cells. The appropriate dose can be determined from the test results. Polio Vaccines and Flu is an example of immunization with live vaccines and vaccine choice to die.
For that, parents should be aware of the importance of immunization for babies. Babies do not have a strong system of cute, so need a vaccine to strengthen it. Differences Vaccine Vaccine Life and Death will greatly affect the reaction caused.


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