Recognize Childhood Characters 5-12 Years

25 Oct

The character of the child is one that was never completed studies discussed everywhere. Various characters appear unexpectedly children, some parents even complained that her son suddenly has a bad attitude that they never taught at home. However, some parents were surprised by the character of a child who suddenly unbelievably awesome. Where did they learn?

Know your child’s character early on, identify the character of children aged 5-12 years before they would wake up to the characters they grew up. Get to know the characters well and discard the bad character in a prudent manner. Child’s character formation begins by coaching parents. One is the role of the mother. However, child care management must be agreed upon by the mother and father in order to avoid overlap that makes children become confused.

Here is a guide to recognize the character of children ages 5-12 can be used as a reference:

1. Provide a written test

It is legitimate if you will give to your child test. There are many books that you can make the guidelines to test the character of the child. Of course for children aged 5 years may not be able to read you can ask specific questions that will be their responsibility. For example, if they see a wallet on the table if they will take the money inside. Multiple choice answers better as A: Yes B: No. Every question they answer will strengthen their character. When the result leads to bad character, you can begin to provide guidance intensely to change or polish it for the better.

2. Observe her social

Does your child have a child who is authoritarian to his friends, if he conqueror, if he is a hater, or he’s very affectionate. These observations will make you more sure of what you will do to steer the character Children.

3. Observe his habit at home

Habits at home is not far from the habits of their parents did, but with this observation you can decide what the character of your child. Congratulations to recognize the character of children aged 5-12 years.


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