Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercise In Pregnancy

25 Oct

When it reaches 30 weeks gestation or more, she began to prepare for childbirth.

For pregnant women who want to give birth normally a good idea to follow pregnancy exercise classes. Should also be on the recommendation of a doctor or midwife.

The severity of back pain during pregnancy ranges from mild discomfort after standing for long periods of time up to the pain that interferes with daily life. This will facilitate the infant to break through the hip you at birth. Unfortunately, loose joints can cause back pain. Back pain during pregnancy may also be because you you have had previous back injury and returned to react when you got pregnant.

When the terms of his movement, pregnancy exercise seems like a regular exercise keeps the body fresh and fit. But behind all that, it turns out pregnancy exercise is very beneficial for expectant mothers to prepare physically and mentally for the rapid and spontaneous labor.

The purpose Gymnastics Pregnant

  • Expectant mothers can master the breathing technique, which is useful when pushing on a normal delivery
  • Maintain the elasticity of the muscles of the abdominal wall, thereby preventing pain in the buttocks, stomach and complaints of hemorrhoids
  • Exercising during pregnancy posture
  • Practicing relaxation perfect
  • Mothers can give birth without difficulty so that mothers and babies healthy

Benefits of Gymnastics Pregnant

By following a pregnancy exercise routine, expected during normal deliveries later the mother was ready, both physically and mentally so that they can take advantage of the best possible effort so that no constraints and current at the time of normal delivery.

Places To Gymnastics Pregnant

Pregnant Gymnastics usually done in the hospital or a maternity hospital. Then will be guided by a teacher / certified midwife, so that movements in pregnancy exercise to do as possible. But if do not have time or do not have access to the place of birth, can be done at home.

Pregnant exercise should be done regularly, in an atmosphere of calm and use loose clothing. This is to support expectant mothers and babies at the time of the movements in pregnancy exercise.


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