Watery Eyes Causes And Effects

25 Oct

Eye problems, we would have been very disturbing activities. How not, the eyes are the windows to the world where we can do many things as visual aid. Problems of the eye can be started from a mild illness such as watery eyes, an infectious eye disease and not contagious until serious that could be caused blindness.

For mild conditions such as watery eyes, we want to know the cause and effect watery eyes, exactly why? Actually what is the role of tears? His role is to keep the eye moist and clean the eyes of any foreign objects or dirt that enters the eye. Watery eye condition that can affect anyone, no matter their parents, adults and even babies, and can occur in one eye or it could be both. Actually this is not a serious problem if we can handle it. With what the problem more often develop watery eyes? This could happen if a person has dry eye syndrome. Because if dry eye, the eye will instinctively produce more tears.

Additionally watery eyes can also be caused by a problem in the eyes of the flow system, normally tears will flow under the eyelid and down through the nose. However, if the system flow is obstructed by something that will cause tears to accumulate so watery eye, and this is the cause of watery eyes. Effect watery eyes may result in irritation of the eyelids, such as a lump in the corner of the eye redness itching eyes also too blurry eyes. Watery eyes can also be caused by a problem in the eyelid due to infection by dust, smoke, chemicals or other allergens.

Cause and effect watery eyes is disturbing when it is at this stage, can be seen by the eye doctor to confirm the presence of infection with the Schirmer test to measure tear production. When exposed to dry eye syndrome can with eye drops, if it could be an infection with antibiotics, but if the interference with the tears flow system can do surgery to open a blockage there, this can be done only 20-30 minutes under local anesthesia.

Common symptoms associated with eye irritation are itching, redness, pain, swelling, tearing, burning, fatigue, blurred vision and so much more. In this situation often feel as though there was something in his eyes. But there is also no need of medical treatment and can be cured by itself. But if you’ve ever suffered from eye irritation condition, you should avoid rubbing your eyes, avoid using eye makeup and you also have to protect eyes from dust. Cause and measures to prevent eye irritation. Thus, the body has defense mechanisms spontaneous. Tears also serves as an antiseptic for eye organ.


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