Addressing Yellow Teeth and Mouth Odor

3 Nov

Staining of the teeth were divided into 2 based on the source cause, namely extrinsic staining (staining due to exposure from the outside surface of the tooth) and intrinsic (due to exposure to staining of the teeth).

The cause extrinsic staining, among others:

1. Plaque
2. Bacteria chromogenic
3. Damage to proteins on the surface of the tooth
4. Mouthwash (chlorhexidine)
5. Beverages (eg tea, coffee, and sodas)
6. Foods (eg berries, food additives, food was greasy)
7. Antibiotics (such as erythromycin and amoxicillin)
8. Supplements containing iron

While the causes of intrinsic staining, among others:

– A. If occurs before tooth eruption (dental gum surfaces), the cause of the coloring is:

1. Blood disorders
2. Liver disease
3. Developmental abnormalities and dentin email
4. Consumption of antibiotics tetracycline

– B. If it occurs after tooth eruption, cause the coloring is:

1. Trauma to the teeth
2. Cavities
3. Dental fillings materials
4. Aging
5. Smoke
6. Chemicals
7. Consumption of antibiotics minocycline
8. Functional changes and parafungsional
9. Raw foods use in a long time, so it can cause intrinsic staining

In your case, if yellow teeth have occurred since childhood? Or has just happened? If you are new cases of yellow teeth occurs, it is likely that this is caused by the food and beverages you consume. If you have a habit of rinsing using mouthwash containing chlorhexidine in a period of more than one month, it can also cause staining on your teeth.

How to cope with yellow teeth in your case is to improve your oral hygiene, namely:

1. Remove plaque on the surface of your teeth with proper brushing teeth and optimal. Brushing technique is most easily done, yet effective cleaning plaque is in a circular motion to make a big circle on the surface of the tooth (front tooth surface facing the lip and tooth surface facing the cheek). As for the part of the tooth (the part of the tooth surface that faces the tongue and palate) brushed with the movement of pulling out, and at the top (occlusal) teeth brushed with a back and forth motion. Every surface of the teeth brushed for 10 rounds or movement. Do it slowly and brushing teeth with light pressure.
2. Using a low-abrasive toothpaste
3. Using a soft bristle brush
4. Routine cleaning of tartar at the Dentist

You also have to eat fibrous fruits and green vegetables, which serves for cleaning teeth naturally. You should also avoid habits that can cause staining of the teeth, such as smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and other colored drinks. The last way that can be done to overcome the yellow teeth is by external bleaching in dental practice, also known as in-office bleaching.

In case you’re experiencing bad breath, I will give a brief explanation about bad breath. Bad breath or halitosis medical term tooth is an odor arising from the bacteria in the mouth. The main components of the bacteria that cause bad breath are hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

Causes of bad breath include:

1. The existence of tooth supporting tissue disease
2. The flow of saliva is less
3. Improper fillings
4. Excessive accumulation of bacteria on the tongue
5. Denture that is not clean
6. The rest of the food contained in the gum pockets
7. Presence of systemic disease
8. Consumption of certain drugs
9. Indigestion

The things you can do to prevent bad breath are:

1. Brushing teeth with proper technique and optimal fluoride toothpaste, and brushing the tongue.
2. Using an antibacterial agent for oral cavity, namely chlorhexidine mouthwash (but should not be used in a long time on an ongoing basis).
3. Stimulate the flow of saliva by eating plenty of fibrous fruits and green vegetables, plenty of mineral water to consume, or can use baking soda mouthwash.
4. Reducing consumption of sugary foods and drinks between meals main, to prevent cavities can cause bad breath.
5. Routine inspection and cleaning at Dental tartar.
6. Improving dental fillings are not good Dentist.
7. Reducing bad habits, such as smoking.
8. If you have certain systemic diseases or digestive disorders, you should immediately consult a competent specialist doctor, for immediate treatment.


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