Adverse Effect Supplements with Prescription Drug Consumption

3 Nov

If you are taking medication from a doctor as well as supplements, you should be careful. A study reveals the negative effects of consumption of both simultaneously.

Especially, the consumption of herbal supplements for health or diet such as echinacea, calcium or iron along with the drug from a prescription. Other supplements, which are made from flaxseed, magnesium or ginkgo is also known to be bad for the body if consumed along with other medicines.

The research team from the University of Exeter also found consumption of alternative medicine with physician medication can cause mild to dangerous problems such as heart problems, pain in the chest, stomach, and headaches. In particular, people who are taking medication from a doctor whose function is to treat cardiovascular and central nervous systems.

In this case, including taking warfarin, insulin, aspirin, digoxin, and ticlopidine were reported to have the largest number of negative interactions when combined with drugs and supplements. Combining both will affect the process of some kind of drug is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated by the body.

However, the scientists said their findings is not to scare. They said that patients need to be aware of the health risks by combining the consumption of drugs and supplements.

It also suggests herbal medicines and botanical tend to have greater side effects. This is when compared with other dietary supplements such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

“Surveys have shown that many people are trying natural remedies to prevent and treat all kinds of diseases. Having said that, many experts agree that the potential for interactions due to combining medications and supplements is huge,” says Edzard Ernst of professor emeritus of University of Exeter quoted by the Daily Mail.

He also said that, although it is still being studied, many patients who claim to suffer losses and negative signs due to the use of herbal medicines and prescription drugs. Professor Ernst also added that the current public does not know the effects of consumption of prescribed drugs and supplements together.


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