Children’s Teeth Growing Faster Series, Should Worry?

3 Nov

Previously we fix first the term used, it may mean that your wisdom teeth are baby teeth or deciduous teeth huh?

In dentistry, there is known as the order of eruption, the order of growth of the teeth to the top surface of the gums, both milk teeth and permanent teeth. Eruption time standards used are based on statistical data from various studies that have been done in the world. Therefore, there are a few cases that had erupted baby teeth and permanent teeth too early or too late. This is normal, as long as does not stray far from the average time of eruption there.

In the case of your child, the first permanent incisors too fast it grows out over the surface of the gums (erupt) may occur. It is actually normal, because it is still not too far from the eruption timescales should be. Actually for the first permanent incisors maxillary (upper incisor 1) erupted at the age of 7-8 years. However, the cause of the growth of milk teeth or permanent teeth erupt too quickly is not known with certainty. Whether local or systemic factors of the body? Research is still being conducted by Dentists around the world.

Then for fixed dental problems that have emerged, but there is still milk teeth, it is necessary to repeal for milk teeth. This will affect your children’s dental arches period of permanent teeth. If the milk teeth are not removed, it will cause your child with teeth crowding (overlap).

Thus, all actions taken and advice given Dentist you already right.

I just want to add some things to do to keep your child’s dental health, which

1. Perform mechanical cleaning of the teeth, which is conducting a toothbrush and you can teach your child to use dental floss (dental floss). You can brush your teeth with the child, so the child will imitate the behavior of their parents. Explain the need for dental floss to the surface of the teeth that can not be reached by a toothbrush.

2. Keeping a child’s daily dietary patterns and eating habits of children.

– Explain to children the importance of avoiding sugar foods and drinks that had the same between the main meal, and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

– You can provide a wide range of food, do not be monotonous, but still nutritious and healthy.

– Choose foods that require chewing, and do not choose foods that are mushy and sticky.

– Create an atmosphere meals so happy and fun.

3. Fluor to apply in your subscription Dentist, can be done by way of polishing or rinsing. Performed 1-2 times a year.

4. Doing the closure of pits and fissures in teeth (pit and fissure sealants) in Dentistry.


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