Dental Pain and Stress Causes Inflamed

3 Nov

Indeed inflamed gums can be caused by stress situation, the condition of the body, and the mother’s diabetes suffer. All of these conditions can lower the body’s defenses against infectious microorganisms mother coming, plus the presence of plaque and tartar that will trigger inflammation of the gums. Therefore, mothers should maintain a good oral health, diabetes control, and maintain the condition of the mother is in good health and stress free.

Problems associated with less teeth ache under stress. Some causes of tooth pain is gum that down, the tooth root surface abrasion due to incorrect brushing techniques, and procedures the wrong tartar cleaning by your dentist can also cause pain. In addition, teeth whitening procedures and the presence of cracks on the teeth can lead to tooth ache.

Mom did not say whether the mother has a bad habit mengerot-ngerot teeth during sleep or bruksism (it could ask your husband to do when you hear a mother’s sleep-ngerot mengerot teeth? Or marked pain in the joint at the front of the ear to women’s wake morning), or menggertakan upper and lower teeth when under stress? If so, this might just be the trigger of your teeth ache. Consult your dentist and psychologist to cope with your stress.

In the meantime, stop all drugs, use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If that pain is really unbearable, it may use the new anti-pain drug taking. Should be sought before the primary cause, so the mother will get the right treatment.


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