Trauma anesthesia and bleeding Pull Teeth

3 Nov

You should know, that a lot of things that affect the success of a local anesthetic action, among others:

1. Variations in the anatomy of the jaw bone.
In some patients, there have anatomy (structure) are not usually jawbone. So it is difficult to search the nerves to be anesthetized.

2. Type of local anesthetic used.
There is a local anesthetic that has a duration of local anesthetic agents accelerator, some are not.

3. Tissue acidity.
The more acidic the network, the more inhibited nerve blockade.

4. Local anesthetic effect on blood flow, nosiseptor (pain receptors), and central sensitization in the teeth with the condition being inflamed.
In a sick tooth, a local anesthetic effect usually becomes less effective.

5. Patient psychological factors.
Patients who feel anxious or scared when local anesthesia, can affect pain threshold stimuli. So patients quickly feel sick.

If all of the above factors can be addressed properly by a dentist, then the next thing that can affect the long work of local anesthetic are:

1. Association of local anesthetics with plasma proteins
2. Speed of absorption (absorption) of local anesthetic
3. The number of peripheral blood vessels in the area giving

It is important that also affects the failure to get a local anesthetic effect is the use of local anesthetics that have expired. Therefore, as a patient you are entitled to ask it to your Dentist.

You do not have to bother thinking about the things above, it is entirely the responsibility of a Dentist. Dentists are good, capable of running a local anesthetic procedure correctly. Your job is to convince yourself that everything can be passed well, believing all the Dentist, and keep your body shape in a healthy state.

In the case of the remaining teeth that have not been drawn, you should go back to the dentist to do extractions. Remaining teeth is where the development of microorganisms, which can cause infection. You do not need to pull a tooth trauma. Bleeding after revocation is normal thing to happen, as long as it is not more than 24 hours. Bleeding has not stopped after 3 days of deprivation, can be said to be normal only in the case of revocation of the third molars (wisdom teeth).


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