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Exactly How To Overcome Bad breath

3 Jan

Bad breath or halitosis medical term tooth is an odor arising from the bacteria in the mouth. The main components of the bacteria that cause bad breath are hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans. Causes of bad breath include:

  1. The existence of tooth supporting tissue disease
  2. The flow of saliva is less
  3. Improper fillings
  4. Excessive accumulation of bacteria on the tongue
  5. Denture that is not clean
  6. The rest of the food contained in the gum pockets
  7. Presence of systemic disease
  8. Consumption of certain drugs
  9. Indigestion

The things you can do to prevent bad breath are:

1. Brushing teeth with proper technique and optimal fluoride toothpaste, and brushing the tongue.
2. Using an antibacterial agent for oral cavity, namely chlorhexidine mouthwash (but should not be used in a long time on an ongoing basis).
3. Stimulate the flow of saliva by eating plenty of fibrous fruits and green vegetables, plenty of mineral water to consume, or can use baking soda mouthwash.
4. Reducing consumption of sugary foods and drinks between meals main, to prevent cavities can cause bad breath.
5. Routine inspection and cleaning at Dental tartar.
6. Improving dental fillings are not good Dentist.
7. Perform dental fillings in teeth cavities.
8. Reducing bad habits, such as smoking.
9. If you have certain systemic diseases or digestive disorders, you should immediately consult a competent specialist doctor, for immediate treatment.

Finally, you have to reduce eating food stimulates your bad breath as this habit. If you really want to eat them preferably after eating foods that cause odor (such onions), you should rinse, brush your tongue and brushing your teeth, or it can chew xylitol gum to stimulate saliva.

Another option you can eat green vegetables, carrots, mint leaves, bread, or drink green tea. So the bad breath caused by food can be reduced or lost.