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Brush Teeth, Wait Through 30 Minutes After Eating

3 Nov

If you have a habit of brushing teeth immediately after every meal, it should not be done again. Why? Dental health experts said, brushing your teeth in the span of half an hour after eating or drinking a cup of coffee can seriously affect tooth decay.

Investigators said that after drinking one soda or acid, the acid will erode tooth enamel and the layer under the enamel, called dentin.

Brushing your teeth at the “wrong” – especially in a time period of 20 minutes after eating – can push acid absorbs into the tooth resulting in faster corrosion of the teeth rather than the process of natural decay.

“By brushing your teeth, you actually have pushed deeper into the acidic enamel and dentin,” said Dr. Howard R. Gamble, president of the Academy of General Dentistry in an interview.

Studies have shown that the process will be faster corrosion occurs when teeth brushed within half an hour after a person consumes soft drinks. Habit makes the enamel is damaged.

In the study, researchers asked the volunteers to wear the dentin samples in their mouths, and testing regimen of brushing time different-different. The tests showed, brushing teeth within 20 minutes after drinking beverages that make the teeth become more easily damaged. The study also revealed, for those who just eat spicy food, wait up to an hour after a meal seems to be enough to avoid the negative effects.

“After a period of intra-oral between 30 and 60 minutes, the damage looked significantly less severe than the control group who did not brush my teeth. Concluded that to protect the dentin surface, at least you have to wait over 30 minutes before brushing your teeth and after the erosive attack , “he explained.


Dental Pain and Stress Causes Inflamed

3 Nov

Indeed inflamed gums can be caused by stress situation, the condition of the body, and the mother’s diabetes suffer. All of these conditions can lower the body’s defenses against infectious microorganisms mother coming, plus the presence of plaque and tartar that will trigger inflammation of the gums. Therefore, mothers should maintain a good oral health, diabetes control, and maintain the condition of the mother is in good health and stress free.

Problems associated with less teeth ache under stress. Some causes of tooth pain is gum that down, the tooth root surface abrasion due to incorrect brushing techniques, and procedures the wrong tartar cleaning by your dentist can also cause pain. In addition, teeth whitening procedures and the presence of cracks on the teeth can lead to tooth ache.

Mom did not say whether the mother has a bad habit mengerot-ngerot teeth during sleep or bruksism (it could ask your husband to do when you hear a mother’s sleep-ngerot mengerot teeth? Or marked pain in the joint at the front of the ear to women’s wake morning), or menggertakan upper and lower teeth when under stress? If so, this might just be the trigger of your teeth ache. Consult your dentist and psychologist to cope with your stress.

In the meantime, stop all drugs, use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. If that pain is really unbearable, it may use the new anti-pain drug taking. Should be sought before the primary cause, so the mother will get the right treatment.

Lazy to Brush Teeth Can Cause Cancer?

3 Nov

Never underestimate oral hygiene. More recently, scientists in Sweden found that the increase in dental plaque has been associated with the risk of early death from cancer.

This study is an observational study published online in the British Medical Journal Open, involving 1390 people between 1985 and 2009. At baseline, all participants were asked related factors likely to increase the risk of cancer, including assessing their oral hygiene.

After a span of 24 years, 58 patients died and 35 of them from cancer. Those who died had a significantly amount of dental plaque much more. Dental plaque index in participants who have died than those who are still alive.

The researchers noted that participants who died had an index score of between 0.84 to 0.91 – which suggests that the area covered gums on dental plaque – while they were still alive had lower scores from 0.66 to 0.67 – indicating plaque coverage only part of it.

The average age of death was 61 years for women and 60 years for men. Researchers think the women should be able to live about 13 years longer, and men 8.5 years longer, so that they could be considered premature death, the researchers said.

“Based on these findings, the high load of bacteria on the surface of the teeth and gingiva during a prolonged period may play a role in carcinogenesis,” the researchers said.

However, the authors caution that their findings do not prove that cause dental plaque as a cause of cancer. “The hypothesis of our study saw poor oral hygiene, as reflected in the number of dental plaque, is associated with increased mortality due to cancer,” he explained.

“Further research is needed to determine whether there is a causal factor in the observed association,” said the researchers.

Dental plaque indicating poor oral hygiene and is a potential source of infection, which is also linked to systemic health problems.

Children’s Teeth Growing Faster Series, Should Worry?

3 Nov

Previously we fix first the term used, it may mean that your wisdom teeth are baby teeth or deciduous teeth huh?

In dentistry, there is known as the order of eruption, the order of growth of the teeth to the top surface of the gums, both milk teeth and permanent teeth. Eruption time standards used are based on statistical data from various studies that have been done in the world. Therefore, there are a few cases that had erupted baby teeth and permanent teeth too early or too late. This is normal, as long as does not stray far from the average time of eruption there.

In the case of your child, the first permanent incisors too fast it grows out over the surface of the gums (erupt) may occur. It is actually normal, because it is still not too far from the eruption timescales should be. Actually for the first permanent incisors maxillary (upper incisor 1) erupted at the age of 7-8 years. However, the cause of the growth of milk teeth or permanent teeth erupt too quickly is not known with certainty. Whether local or systemic factors of the body? Research is still being conducted by Dentists around the world.

Then for fixed dental problems that have emerged, but there is still milk teeth, it is necessary to repeal for milk teeth. This will affect your children’s dental arches period of permanent teeth. If the milk teeth are not removed, it will cause your child with teeth crowding (overlap).

Thus, all actions taken and advice given Dentist you already right.

I just want to add some things to do to keep your child’s dental health, which

1. Perform mechanical cleaning of the teeth, which is conducting a toothbrush and you can teach your child to use dental floss (dental floss). You can brush your teeth with the child, so the child will imitate the behavior of their parents. Explain the need for dental floss to the surface of the teeth that can not be reached by a toothbrush.

2. Keeping a child’s daily dietary patterns and eating habits of children.

– Explain to children the importance of avoiding sugar foods and drinks that had the same between the main meal, and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

– You can provide a wide range of food, do not be monotonous, but still nutritious and healthy.

– Choose foods that require chewing, and do not choose foods that are mushy and sticky.

– Create an atmosphere meals so happy and fun.

3. Fluor to apply in your subscription Dentist, can be done by way of polishing or rinsing. Performed 1-2 times a year.

4. Doing the closure of pits and fissures in teeth (pit and fissure sealants) in Dentistry.

Trauma anesthesia and bleeding Pull Teeth

3 Nov

You should know, that a lot of things that affect the success of a local anesthetic action, among others:

1. Variations in the anatomy of the jaw bone.
In some patients, there have anatomy (structure) are not usually jawbone. So it is difficult to search the nerves to be anesthetized.

2. Type of local anesthetic used.
There is a local anesthetic that has a duration of local anesthetic agents accelerator, some are not.

3. Tissue acidity.
The more acidic the network, the more inhibited nerve blockade.

4. Local anesthetic effect on blood flow, nosiseptor (pain receptors), and central sensitization in the teeth with the condition being inflamed.
In a sick tooth, a local anesthetic effect usually becomes less effective.

5. Patient psychological factors.
Patients who feel anxious or scared when local anesthesia, can affect pain threshold stimuli. So patients quickly feel sick.

If all of the above factors can be addressed properly by a dentist, then the next thing that can affect the long work of local anesthetic are:

1. Association of local anesthetics with plasma proteins
2. Speed of absorption (absorption) of local anesthetic
3. The number of peripheral blood vessels in the area giving

It is important that also affects the failure to get a local anesthetic effect is the use of local anesthetics that have expired. Therefore, as a patient you are entitled to ask it to your Dentist.

You do not have to bother thinking about the things above, it is entirely the responsibility of a Dentist. Dentists are good, capable of running a local anesthetic procedure correctly. Your job is to convince yourself that everything can be passed well, believing all the Dentist, and keep your body shape in a healthy state.

In the case of the remaining teeth that have not been drawn, you should go back to the dentist to do extractions. Remaining teeth is where the development of microorganisms, which can cause infection. You do not need to pull a tooth trauma. Bleeding after revocation is normal thing to happen, as long as it is not more than 24 hours. Bleeding has not stopped after 3 days of deprivation, can be said to be normal only in the case of revocation of the third molars (wisdom teeth).

Addressing Yellow Teeth and Mouth Odor

3 Nov

Staining of the teeth were divided into 2 based on the source cause, namely extrinsic staining (staining due to exposure from the outside surface of the tooth) and intrinsic (due to exposure to staining of the teeth).

The cause extrinsic staining, among others:

1. Plaque
2. Bacteria chromogenic
3. Damage to proteins on the surface of the tooth
4. Mouthwash (chlorhexidine)
5. Beverages (eg tea, coffee, and sodas)
6. Foods (eg berries, food additives, food was greasy)
7. Antibiotics (such as erythromycin and amoxicillin)
8. Supplements containing iron

While the causes of intrinsic staining, among others:

– A. If occurs before tooth eruption (dental gum surfaces), the cause of the coloring is:

1. Blood disorders
2. Liver disease
3. Developmental abnormalities and dentin email
4. Consumption of antibiotics tetracycline

– B. If it occurs after tooth eruption, cause the coloring is:

1. Trauma to the teeth
2. Cavities
3. Dental fillings materials
4. Aging
5. Smoke
6. Chemicals
7. Consumption of antibiotics minocycline
8. Functional changes and parafungsional
9. Raw foods use in a long time, so it can cause intrinsic staining

In your case, if yellow teeth have occurred since childhood? Or has just happened? If you are new cases of yellow teeth occurs, it is likely that this is caused by the food and beverages you consume. If you have a habit of rinsing using mouthwash containing chlorhexidine in a period of more than one month, it can also cause staining on your teeth.

How to cope with yellow teeth in your case is to improve your oral hygiene, namely:

1. Remove plaque on the surface of your teeth with proper brushing teeth and optimal. Brushing technique is most easily done, yet effective cleaning plaque is in a circular motion to make a big circle on the surface of the tooth (front tooth surface facing the lip and tooth surface facing the cheek). As for the part of the tooth (the part of the tooth surface that faces the tongue and palate) brushed with the movement of pulling out, and at the top (occlusal) teeth brushed with a back and forth motion. Every surface of the teeth brushed for 10 rounds or movement. Do it slowly and brushing teeth with light pressure.
2. Using a low-abrasive toothpaste
3. Using a soft bristle brush
4. Routine cleaning of tartar at the Dentist

You also have to eat fibrous fruits and green vegetables, which serves for cleaning teeth naturally. You should also avoid habits that can cause staining of the teeth, such as smoking, drinking coffee or tea, and other colored drinks. The last way that can be done to overcome the yellow teeth is by external bleaching in dental practice, also known as in-office bleaching.

In case you’re experiencing bad breath, I will give a brief explanation about bad breath. Bad breath or halitosis medical term tooth is an odor arising from the bacteria in the mouth. The main components of the bacteria that cause bad breath are hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans.

Causes of bad breath include:

1. The existence of tooth supporting tissue disease
2. The flow of saliva is less
3. Improper fillings
4. Excessive accumulation of bacteria on the tongue
5. Denture that is not clean
6. The rest of the food contained in the gum pockets
7. Presence of systemic disease
8. Consumption of certain drugs
9. Indigestion

The things you can do to prevent bad breath are:

1. Brushing teeth with proper technique and optimal fluoride toothpaste, and brushing the tongue.
2. Using an antibacterial agent for oral cavity, namely chlorhexidine mouthwash (but should not be used in a long time on an ongoing basis).
3. Stimulate the flow of saliva by eating plenty of fibrous fruits and green vegetables, plenty of mineral water to consume, or can use baking soda mouthwash.
4. Reducing consumption of sugary foods and drinks between meals main, to prevent cavities can cause bad breath.
5. Routine inspection and cleaning at Dental tartar.
6. Improving dental fillings are not good Dentist.
7. Reducing bad habits, such as smoking.
8. If you have certain systemic diseases or digestive disorders, you should immediately consult a competent specialist doctor, for immediate treatment.