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Tips to Make Facial Cleanser Lemon & Yogurt

10 Nov

Facial cleanser (facial cleanser) of lemon and yogurt is a natural alternative to facial cleanser and easy to make.

Facial cleanser made ​​from lemon and yogurt is very good for oily skin and acne.

Here’s how to make a facial cleanser or facial cleanser of lemon and yogurt:

1. Mix fresh lemon juice and plain yogurt in a small bowl.

Stir with a wooden spoon or disposable stirrer and then cover with plastic. Keep the bowl in the fridge for an hour.

2. After an hour, add tea tree oil, and stir until evenly distributed.

3. Move lemon yogurt facial cleanser into a small glass jar of sterile and has a tight lid.

4. Keep the mixture in the fridge for an hour. Stir before first use. Save the remaining facial cleanser that is not used in the refrigerator.